David's Mission:

Improving the total golf experience by building a foundation based upon the use of cutting edge technology, professional club fittings, and personalized training.

David Bass Golf



The benefits of a professional golf equipment fitting


  • Accuracy
  • Distance
  • Consistency
  • Optimum Trajectory
  • Improved Balance
  • Better Tempo
  • Consistent Feel
  • Reasonable Predictable Success


What Sets Us Apart


A permanent file is created for each new client as part of our long-term commitment to our client's success.

Your client file includes:

  • Fitting Notes, Specs, and suggestions
  • Instructional Notes, Drills, and strategies
  • Each Client receives Detailed Notes via E-mail
  • Feed Back from our Clients is part of the process.
  • Your search is over for Solutions and answers to your Golf Questions, and Challenges.


Our goal is to design or alter a matched set of clubs specific to your individual needs.

We take into consideration: 

Measurements of your body – arms, legs, hands

Swing distance and speed

Grip size

Shaft length, weight, and flex

Club head designs, lofts, lies, and center of gravity


We will recommend: 

Best design features and elements

The total set make up – clubs, lofts, grips and more


Clients are family here – our goal is long term relationships.

Fitting, Re-check fits, Alterations, Repairs and Maintenance – Your Search for Solutions and Answers to Your Golf Challenges ends with award-winning fitting from David Bass Golf!


Golf Equipment Fitting Fees - Call for Pricing

Driver Fitting 
Irons Fitting  
Fairway/Hybrid Fitting 
Wedge Fitting 
Putter Fitting 
Full Bag Fitting  


*Alteration charges are not included in Fitting Fees.

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